BharatBenz celebrates first ‘kilometre millionaire’ truck


BharatBenz has reached another milestone as the brand’s first vehicle crossed the mark of 10 lakh km with the original engine and transmission. The heavy-duty truck has been showcased to operators and truckers across India, touring with a convoy that completed a pan-Indian-yatra of 10,000 kilometres over 40 days.

Mr. Rajaram Krishnamurthy, Vice President Marketing and Sales, Daimler India Commercial Vehicles (DICV), said: “Our first BharatBenz ‘kilometre millionaire’ truck underlines the unmatched reliability of our vehicles. Covering 10 lakh kilometres in just five years with the original engine and transmission is a remarkable achievement, and many more will follow.”

The first BharatBenz ‘kilometre millionaire’ vehicle, a 25-ton rigid truck with 230 hp, runs in the fleet of JSS Logistics in Nagpur, Maharashtra for long haulage of parcels between Nagpur and Salem, Tamil Nadu. JSS Logistics is a major BharatBenz customer in Nagpur and a service provider for renowned companies like Safexpress. The truck, which has received only standard preventive maintenance, still runs with the original, factory installed powertrain; further indicators like clutch and brake life or tyre wear also exceed industry averages significantly.

BharatKaBenz’ brand campaign: ‘Pride of ownership’ is the theme of the current BharatBenz brand campaign under the tagline of ‘BharatKaBenz’. Spread over 3 months, the campaign includes advertisements, videos and radio snippets as well as BharatBenz’ traditional campaign highlight of a yatra, which led from Jaipur to Chennai this time. On the journey of 10,000 kilometers in 40 days the route followed the shape of the letters B,E,N,Z. Two customer vehicles, of which one completed 10 lakh kilometers en route, were part of the convoy to showcase the hallmark BharatBenz reliability. Throughout the tour, fleet owners and drivers were engaged through interactive programmes.


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