Datsun’s new compact crossover to launch on January 18 in Indonesia


Datsun’s line-up in Indonesia is set to grow one model bigger with the Datsun Cross. The model is based on the Go+ people carrier, which in-turn is a stretched version of the Go hatchback.

To be launched at the world premiere event at Jakarta on January 18, the Cross, will be the new flagship model in the Datsun’s line-up in Indonesia.

A release sent out to the media quotes, Eiichi Koito, President Director of PT. Nissan Motor Indonesia, speaking about the event. He said, “Datsun ‘CROSS’ will start a new journey from a new segment of Datsun in Indonesia. This car is a new spirit of Datsun brand value that is ‘unstoppable and also Datsun’s commitment to customers in Indonesia.”

“Datsun CROSS is a new generation of compact crossover . With its stylish design and sophisticated features, Datsun CROSS will be an appropriate partner for the lifestyle of our new customers,” continued Koito.

Datsun says the Cross is specially designed for Indonesia and that it will have a high crossover and ground clearance design.

The word ‘CROSS’ defines the character of this vehicle, which supports a variety of lifestyle owners, says Datsun and adds that the overall design of the body is smart and compact making the Datsun CROSS move agile, like a professional athlete.

We at Automotive Script do not know if the vehicle will have the agility that the maker boasts off unless it gets launched here and we hope it would be, given that the crossover segment is booming at an enormous rate.


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