Porsche opens bookings for Panamera Sport Tourismo models


German carmaker Porsche has opened bookings for the Sport Tourismo versions of the Panamera in India, with the Turbo Sport Tourismo costing Rs 2.08 crore while the more tech laden Turbo S E-Hybrid Sport Tourismo will cost from Rs 2.38 crore. Both prices are ex-showroom.

The hybrid will be a made-to-order model for now, while buyers will be able to buy the Turbo version off the showroom floor.

The shooting brake version of the Panamera will be a more versatile option for buyers looking for a car that can cover long distances in tremendous pace with lots of luggage in the boot.

The Sport Tourismo models will have a higher roofline than the regular Panamera, resulting in 50 litres more boot capacity. The useability factor has been carried over to the seats as well, with the ST versions having a 4+1 seating capacity and not being a strict four seater.

Now, for some numbers, the Turbo ST version will be powered by a 4.0 litre twn turbo V8 producing 550bhp and 770Nm and hitting the 0-100kph mark in just 3.6s. The same run can be done faster by the hybrid model, 0.2s faster, thanks to its vast reserves of power that amout up to 680bhp and 850 torques.

Both cars come with a 8-speed dual clutch automatic transmission, four wheel drive and air suspension as standard. Buyers can opt for a rear wheel steering system should they wish.

Porsche is expected to launch both models come January and follow it up with the launch of the new Cayenne by mid 2018.


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