Chris Goodwin poached from McLaren by Aston Martin


Former McLaren chief test driver Chris Goodwin will from now on work for Aston Martin under the role of ‘Expert High Performance Test driver’ as Aston Martin is on an expansion spree particularly with its high profile hiring.

Another big name in the industry in the name of Simone Rizzuto, former Alfa Romeo and Maserati engineer, will join Goodwin. Rizzuto will take up position as ‘Chief Engineer of Vehicle Dynamics’.

Aston Martin, under its current resurgence was given a big boost by Mercedes, when they bought a part of the British firm. Both Chris Goodwin and Simone Rizzuto will work on upcoming models that use Aston’s own V12 and Mercedes sourced V8.
They join the firm at a time when the British marquee has promised a mid-engined supercar along with the replacement for the Vanquish superGT and the much expected DBX luxury SUV.
There was a similar coup of attracting personeel from other manufacturers by Aston. Matt Becker from Lotus was pulled in a few years back and more recently, Max Szwaj and Joerg Ross from Maserati’s powertrain department came aboard too.
Aston Martin CEO Andy Palmer said he is ‘thrilled’ at the new appointments, calling them “a great endorsement of our future plans”.


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