ELGi brings ‘Air Alert’ an Industry 4.0 initiative

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ELGi Equipments, one of the world’s leading air-compressor manufacturers, has showcased ‘Air Alert’, its Industry 4.0 initiative. Air Alert is a SIM-card based communication system that will track multiple parameters within a compressor such as operating temperature, pressure, volume of air delivered, and energy efficiency.

ELGi aims to have 500 Air Alert devices for its screw compressor range in the field by the end of the calendar year, 2017. The data will be transmitted to ELGi’s servers, where ELGi engineers will review the data and provide meaningful insights to the customer on service intervals, energy efficiency, changes in air consumption, and general compressor health. The initiative will elevate ELGi’s service to its customers effectively eliminating delays and compressor failures, which can result in expensive downtime for the customers. Air Alert will also provide meaningful field data for ELGi’s engineers to address quality concerns real time and integrate relevant changes into ELGi’s product development process.

Anvar Jay Varadaraj, Head of Marketing andCorporate Communications, ELGi Equipments,  said, “The showcase of our Air Alert system is a significant step in our efforts to be more customer-centric and data driven as we seek to provide the most efficient compressed air solutions. Gathering data is easy, but analyzing the data and providing meaningful insights to customers will set us apart. As a quality and innovation-centric organisation, Air Alert will play a key role in our product development processes.

Arnav Jay Varadaraj, Head of Marketing and Corporate Communications, ELGi Equipments

“The system will provide us objective data on our products’ performance in the field making it a valuable tool for our quality and product development processes. Fundamentally, Air Alert is about elevating our customer service and by providing it free of cost, we will emphasize our ‘Always Better’ brand promise to our customers. We aim to have 500 Air Alert-equipped machines by the end of the calendar year 2017,” he said.

Air Alert is ELGi’s SIM-based IOT initiative that transmits customers’ compressor data such as power consumption, pressure, air volume, and temperature to ELGi. ELGi will monitor the data and provide insights to customers on service, opportunities for energy efficiency, and air consumption best practices. ELGi will use the data for quality improvements and product development. Air Alert will be a free of cost standard offering to all ELGi screw air compressor customers. ELGi will have 500 Air Alert systems by the year-end.

ELGi Equipments is a leading compressor manufacturer with a nearly 60-year legacy of manufacturing compressors. Now it offers more than 400 products. ELGi operates nearly 2 million air compressors across 70 countries. With its products and services, ELGi aims to provide lowest ownership cost experience in the world.





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