Daimler Buses India drives on growth path, upgrades flagship product


Daimler Buses India, a unit of Daimler Buses under the umbrella of Daimler India Commercial Vehicles (DICV), is moving ahead on its sustainable growth path. In 2017, strong growth was recorded with domestic sales of 906 units (2016: 501 units, +80 per cent) despite a significant drop of the total bus market in India. For 2018, Daimler Buses India expects to continue the positive growth trend in sales

“As the Indian bus market is evolving, we lead the shift with products that meet global standards of performance and safety. With superior technology, we aim to be the benchmark in terms of total cost of ownership, safety and comfort,”  Mr. Thomas Fricke, Managing Director, Daimler Buses India, said.

Daimler Buses India’s product portfolio comprises BharatBenz 9-tonne buses in the school, staff and tourist bus subsegments, and Mercedes-Benz 15-meter multi-axle luxury coaches and bus chassis for the 9, 16 and 24-tonne segments. Bus chassis for the 9 and 16-tonne segments are also exported to markets in Africa, Latin America, the Middle East, and South East Asia.

With the presentation of the new-generation of its flagship product, the Mercedes-Benz 2441 SHD (Super High Deck) Automatic coach, Daimler Buses India raises the bar further in the segment. India’s longest luxury coach (15 meters) now comes with even more power and comfort thanks to an upgrade to a higher power (+50 hp) with automatic transmission, which provides for further improved fuel efficiency and an even smoother and quieter ride for passengers at the same time.

The Mercedes-Benz 2441 SHD Automatic luxury coach offers a high seating capacity of up to 59 pushback seats and 14 cubic meters of luggage space. Built with a unique aluminium body, it is the lightest vehicle in its class which contributes to fuel efficiency. With an active steerable tag axle, it features a low turning circle diameter to effortlessly navigate sharp turns and bends. It also has an advanced braking system and a strategically positioned fuel tank for added safety.


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